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educational Feeedback

dr. premek hamr impersonator writes

what is the origin of the gat?"

I'm glad you asked that question. Gat, a term used on the streets today to describe any firearm, usually a particularly gangsta firearm such as the Mac Ten, Tec-9 or AK-47. The term is thought to have derived from the original rapid fire weapon, the gatling gun named for american inventor Richard J. Gatling. You can use the word Gat in a sentence like this: "You fool! I'm gonna gat your ass! PRAT!"
Thanks for your question!
posted at 3/7/2004 05:52:36 PM

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the ghost of Matthew Shepherd writes...
"Boo!  I am the ghost of Matthew Shepperd!  Don't see the play they made about me!  There is no such thing as a "hate crime"!  Death to all humans! BLEAUUUUHGH!"

well there you have it, straight from choochoo's ghost: don't see the laramie project. I would advise you not to see it based on the fact that it's the longest most boring play you'll ever see but whatever...

some random spence writes
"You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves!  This sight is profane and highly offensive!  Why, I have half a mind to go BLAAAAAZE!!!!  BLEAUJ!  DEATH TO ALL HUMANS!"

All of you with half a mind might as well go blaaaaaze and try to understand this guy's email better....

secret admirer writes...
"Hey horkypoo.  I am filled with lust."

so am i... if ur hot.

wannabe movie-critic writes...
"Dear critics, sober and inebriated alike;
are you fucking insane? First of all Horkins, thanks for your opinion about "Spirit Away". My cousin, who is six years old, refused to see that because it was too babyish. She made me watch Barney with her instead.
Anyway, on the topic of "Les Triplettes de Belleville", anon. Branksome girl, you truly are a drunken idiot.
Let it be known that she specifically said she didn't understand it, because it was in French. Nope. Keen effort, but it was set in France. No one actually says anything- hence, if she didn't udnerstand it it was for different reasons.
Consider switching dealers.
The animation was way cooler than  Disney these days, with the soft bright characters that, in the end, are always good at heart. That's crap. This was by far the best movie I've seen this year and its Canadian (kinda) author was robbed by another find-my-way-home story. Please, Spence could write "finding nemo" in three minutes. Belleville (the name for the town that's actually New York City, but they're making fun of it)shows more originality and effort than that. "

Wow. That was really long and I noticed you used a lot of big words so I'm gonna give you an A... I still stand by my unsubstantiated opinion that The Triplets of Belleville was probably a shitty movie, and that Finding Nemo kicks ass. I mean "he touched the butt"? Spence would never come up with that! Pixar is just gonna own now that they ditched the mouse factory... yeah Steve jobs! And Hayao Miyazake is a genius, had this award been around earlier, he would be sitting on mad trophys (mononoke... great flick).

And that's the mail for today.
Blood Brothers just wrapped, it was fuckin awesome times doing it. Best times of my life have been doing the musical. It's OVER! I'm sad... but anyways I went to the RAPs today with estey COURTSIIDE! it was fa'real!
posted at 3/7/2004 05:10:41 PM

John says:

oh, you spread the butter, horkins. but is the bread fresh?
posted at 3/3/2004 11:28:50 PM

Flounder says:


anonymous drunk branksome girls writes...
"No one go and see the triplets of belleville.. i was tricked into it. Unfortunately, it wasn't the happy cartoon about three guys in belleville, ontario being bored and doing drugs that i thought it would be.. thank god we werent sober.. fuck you katherine! if you must see it.. just don't. And a sidenote: The Eugene was definately robbed last night, what a great movie that
was. "

I promised booth that I would never post anything sent in by them again but I felt that this admonishment against the film that is more a crime against animation than a film deserved to be printed. Not that I've seen it, or even would consider seeing it if it were about guys doing drugs in belleville ontario (home of the belleville bulls), but The Triplets of Belleville looked like a shitty movie. I'm very glad that in the end the academy awarded what, I thought, was one of the best films of the year, Finding Nemo, with the Best Animated Feature award (a category they have yet to make a mistake in by the way, like animation? Shrek, Spirited Away, and Finding Nemo are all awesome). But then again, you girls are drunk, so why am I even writing this?

I'm just kidding ladies you know I love you...
posted at 3/2/2004 09:34:23 PM

a says:

i like leaving all my rivals suicidal,clutching an open bible/
you bitches better pray for survival when u see me up in rap idol/
im never wack and i get more back then knapsacks/
bitches dont talk back when the instrumental blends in with my rap/
kids who hate can find me fucking their prom date/
im so great and i cant wait for you fags to retalliate/
without flounder online i'd prolly be doing work in my class time/
but i write rhymes, dont touch mine or im leavin u flat-lined/
speaking of lines, where the fuck is my yays?/
all i have is some haze rolled and ready to blaze/
for 3 days i've been fucked up, dazed and confused/
im writing this drunk and your still gonna lose/
i'll beat u with a half spent bottle of seagrams gin/
covered in my bloody finger print and blame my evil twin/
i've never taken a loss and if you floss you get tossed/
i'm the boss and even chuas eyes get un-crossed/
i'm still pretty pissed that he started this shit/
but this nit-wit is getting hit quick and kicked in his chink dick/

just to make things clear, both chua and ted gotleib tried battling me in person. but they both literally didnt come up with a single word to say. Shout outs to AMG, bits, frost-bite, vocal booth, chuggz and anyone else who can write raps AND BATTLE!! h-kins and spence stay up. ur my boyzzz.. i'll see u on fry's

posted at 3/1/2004 11:20:46 AM

Flounder says:


anonymous writes...
"Yo westman - whatever happed to Satire?"

true... What did happen? Now that was a hilarious website.
posted at 2/28/2004 01:14:56 PM

Flounder says:

a double feedback! from the same guy!

"Why do you still use the name "Flounder"?
And is it a reference to The Little Mermaid?
The red-haired girl was hot.

Didn't you also find the fact that her lower body was made of fish just a little
bit too convenient?

I smell a metaphor -- literally."

No shit man, the turrets on trident's castle look like wangs! The movie is full of that stuff...
And no Curtis, it doesn't come from The Little Mermaid, although I thought it did. This nickname stems from way back at the beginning of IB1 when Bateman was in the habit of giving people crazy nicknames like "Cameron", "Rook", and "Pinto" all of which he gave to Cowie. My nickname was "Flounder" which he took from the movie Animal House, which I actually have never seen. It stuck for a little while and then faded out. It just so happened that when FOL started to become a group blog and be really popular that I changed the name from "horkypoo's website" to "flounder online", and as a result my screen name on the blog has always been flounder. wow, little known fact!

curtis writes again...
"Also, why did you use that particular year-book photo to demonstrate typical UCC

Does it arouse you to know that their hands are in their pants? I think it was
cold that day.

I hope you like asparagus!"

I hate asparagus.
but seriously just take a look at the look on some of their faces. Like higgins, man that kid looks disturbed. And look at finkelstein and just be like "that kid was head steward... wow." It all just shows what a great house McHugh's really is.
posted at 2/27/2004 02:00:27 PM

Flounder says:


brill@mac.com writes...
"hey, chillin picks horkins. I thought depp was stellar in pirates too.

question though: is Kill Bill eligible for the oscars?"

Kill Bill is eligible... a lot of critics said they got robbed big time. Personally, I haven't seen it but I hear it's awesome. I saw that one fight scene with Uma Thurman taking on like a hundred guys, it was sweet.
posted at 2/25/2004 06:20:33 PM

Flounder says:

Well seeing as I'm stuck at home sick, and really, really, really bored. I thought I'd enlighten you all with my Oscar picks (for all categories, oh baby)...

Best Picture
Lord of The Rings: Return of The King
Lost in Translation
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Mystic River

should win: Lord of The Rings. Aside from it being the only one I saw (technically I saw half of Seabiscuit on a plane and thought it was boring) it should win this award for the whole trilogy. When you put those three movies together it's a piece of movie history. As long as the academy doesn't once again throw it away to the big forgettable tearfest drama (ie, Mystic River) then LOTR will be able to clean up and win for all those great sci-fi/fantasy movies that should have won (cough STARWARS...)

will win: Lord of The Rings... see above.

was robbed: Finding Nemo. Great movie, made a bunch of money, snubbed cause it was animated. Pirates of the Caribbean too. Fuck Cold Mountain, it probably sucked...
And Old School, the greatest movie of our time.

Best Actor

should win: Johnny Depp. Pirates was sick movie. Johnny Depp made it sick almost singlehandedly. You gotta give props when a dude can make a frickin PIRATE look this awesome. He's almost as awesome as a ninja.

will win: If they're cool, Bill Murray. Bill Murray is the coolest guy ever. Although he was probably better in Caddyshack, or even Rushmore, odds are he won't be nominated again so now is the time. If they're gonna be stupid again then Sean Penn (I Am Sam was the worst movie ever made).

was robbed: Elijah Wood. Does nobody else think that he holds LOTR together as Frodo? Among all the tough guys like Viggo Mortenson's Aragorn he plays the gentler, more self aware Frodo (a character you can actually relate to) perfectly. Also my boy Luke Wilson for Old School.

Best Actress
Keisha Castle-Hughes -WHALE RIDER
Samantha Morton - IN AMERICA
Charlize Theron - MONSTER
Naomi Watts - 21 GRAMS

should win: I just think it would be cool if the 13 year old girl wins for Whale Rider...

will win: but it's pretty much a sure bet that the academy will give it (for the 3rd year in a row, remember Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman) to the hot chick wearing makeup and a fake nose to make her look ugly, Charlize Theron.

was robbed: Hilary Duff in the Lizzie McGuire movie... i dunno why... just... yeah...

Best Supporting Actor
Alec Baldwin - THE COOLER
Benicio Del Toro - 21 GRAMS
Djimon Hounsou - IN AMERICA
Tim Robbins - MYSTIC RIVER

should win: this year's nominees look like team ethnic. you got a latino guy (who is a mad ill actor, already won for Traffic tho), a huge black guy (shouldve been nommed for Amistad), a japanese guy (crazy samurai movie actor), amd two white guys one of which should win. Alec Baldwin.

will win: Tim Robbins.

was robbed: Sean Astin. Sam was huge in the third LOTR movie and he had a really powerful performance. Also Will Ferrell for Old School, which was lovely.

Best Supporting Actress
Shohreh Aghdashloo - HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG
Patricia Clarkson - PIECES OF APRIL
Marcia Gay Harden - MYSTIC RIVER
Holly Hunter - THIRTEEN
Renée Zellweger - COLD MOUNTAIN

should win: The Iranian chick from the house movie... yeah the first one.

will win: Renee Zellweger, why is she a high profile actress????

was robbed: no beef here...

Best Director
Fernando Meirelles-CITY OF GOD
Clint Eastwood-MYSTIC RIVER

should win: Fernando! City of God is an ill movie I'm gonna go see right now... no really its about the ghettos and all the hard stuff that happens in Rio... very street.

will win: there are a lot of the academy's favourite names here but Peter Jackson will definitely get his greasy hobbit hands on this statue.

was robbed: Todd Phillips for Old School... genius

Animated Feature Film

should win: Finding Nemo. As cowie said "it was cute", in my own words "it was fuckin awesome!"

will win: Probably Finding Nemo. If they're gonna be weird about it, it might go to that french one... the triplets... weird.

was robbed: was there a pokemon movie this year???

Best Original Song
"Belleville Rendez-vous" - THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE
"A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" - A MIGHTY WIND
"Scarlet Tide" - COLD MOUNTAIN
"You Will Be My Ain True Love" - COLD MOUNTAIN

should win: none of them. they all suck.

will win: the enya song from LOTR... i dont care. and don't they mean "one" true love... weird

was robbed: when eminem won last year I thought the academy had come a long way from randy newman and phil collins but this just proves we're back in the land of shitty music made for movies, here is a list of better nominees.
Shake Ya Tailfeather - BAD BOYS II
that is all.

Visual Effects

should win: LOTR
will win: LOTR, did the other movies even have special effects?
was robbed: The Matrix sequels, even tho they were shitty, they had awesome special effects.

... wow I lied, all the other categories are boring. So there you have it folks. Enjoy. Watch me be right this sunday.
posted at 2/25/2004 05:07:25 PM

Flounder says:


adam_booth@ucc.on.ca writes(raps)...
"fuck rapand fuck chua and fuck john spence/
i'll crush every pound in your body into six pence/ alrite spence i know you can write it, but when u try to recite it it sounds way over-hyped kid/ and chua dont think your getting off without a beating/ i drank a 40 and fucked your mom at my last AA meeting/ the chink chick just couldnt handle the big dick so her ribs split and she got sick right after my dick spit/ and john spence you better keep an eye on your sis/ cause if i cant find you,then im gonna slit that sluts wrist/ i take it serious whenever faggots wanna spit raps at my ass/ but spence is getting fucked harder then [censored] / rap idols a joke and chua already tried to battle on the corner of frybrook/ but he got took with one look and ended up spitting my hook/ fuck chua and his raps are coming sweet and sour/ i'll catch him delivering food and beat him for half an hour/ hop in the shower and think about who im gonna fuck later/ grab spences mom and turn that ass into a six foot deep crater/ chuas going back to hong kong and i'll be blazing the chron bong thanking god that hes long gone/ i've got no time for bitches who can write but not flow/ whens!
the last time spence or chua fucked a hoe?/ "

See this looks like booth's style and all but he has posting priveleges, why would he send it as feedback? So i don't know if it's actually booth. All in all spence and chua just got murdered.
I had to censor out a certain line cause it named certain people not involved in the battle and might have hurt some feelings.
posted at 2/25/2004 01:33:03 PM

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